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Natural Hair and Braids Making a Comeback

It’s good to hear and see that natural hair and styles are back in trend among women of colour, writes Nadine White.

Weaves, lace wigs and relaxers have been at the centre of ‘hair hype’ for many years, but recent studies have shown that it has taken a scalping (pun intended), and ladies who’ve previously taken a liking to those styles are reverting back to their roots.

This is actually a worldwide trend that’s been on the rise for a while. In 2011, American hair company Design Essentials conducted a survey which found that 36 per cent of women have stopped relaxing their hair. A reported dip was also found in the overall purchase of their relaxer kit.

Other statistics have indicated that the number of black women wearing weaves has decreased by 12 per cent. I’d say the evidence of this change can be actually be seen upon observation.

As we all know, when it comes to trends, popular culture has a huge influence on the masses. Last year, Overground’s editor revealed how happy she was about British actress Thandie Newton refusing to use a relaxer on her daughter’s hair after watching Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair.

More recently, in the wake of her new album, Element of Freedom, Alicia Keys went for the big chop. Known to wear weaves in the past, she says this recent ‘natural’ move made her feel ‘brave’.

Earlier this month, superstar Beyonce was seen sporting chocolate black box braids while on holiday with hubby Jay Z in Cuba. Although she’s dabbled in braids before, this look (below) is a far cry from the lace-wigs which the Queen Bee also made famous.

In addition, Grammy-winning artist and actress Janet Jackson was recently seen rocking her infamous Poetic Justice braids during a Fashion Week in Milan.

Trends certainly do have a way of coming back; these type of braids were really common during the 90s. Now, ladies seem to have latched on to this hot, albeit recycled, braid hairstyle and a number of young women are even starting to grow dreadlocks. How many of you have a female friend who are currently rocking either style?

Due to the growing popularity of braids, locs, chopping off relaxer and growing back natural hair, a legitimisation of natural has ensued, which can only be a positive thing in my view. Natural fever has certainly hit!

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