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Rise in British Women Having Bum Surgery

Flicking through a magazine the other day, I was appalled to read a story about Jennifer Lopez, from Camberwell in south east London, whose mother bought her bum-enhancement surgery when she was just 15 years old! Absolutely shocking, writes Nadine White

Recently, there have been more and more stories about botched surgery procedures – and many lives have been claimed in the quest for an ‘ideal’ ass-et.

Yet, a UK poll has shown that 60 per cent of women say the bum is the most desirable body feature, and new figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has revealed an increase in the demand for ‘bum lifts’.

I think it started with the real J-Lo (below) if we’re being honest; with her colourful burst onto the scene in 1999. Her famous ‘derriere’ changed everything!

With its huge impact on popular culture, before you knew it the fellas were drooling and a change in the ideology of the female body image ensued.

Ever since then it seems everybody is trying to be ‘bootylicious’. Rnb trio Destiny’s Child made the term famous, and the word entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004.

There isn’t really a facet of society left untouched by big bum mania; from hip-hop culture to Marks and Spencers’ billboards advertising their new bum-enhancing knickers.

Is the big bum frenzy getting a bit out of hand? Women are spending a lot of money on this kind of surgery every day. But the real (pardon the pun) question is, at what cost?

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