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An internet talk show that aims to inspire young people aged 18 to 25 is to be filmed live at a south-London theatre next month.

Top Chat Live is the brainchild of budding actress Aisha Shevelle Lindsay who hopes to motivate young people with a series of thought-provoking interviews.

Lindsay explains: ‘I interview inspirational people who have been successful in their careers: doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and performance artists, with the aim of trying to educate, influence and inform young people about how best they can develop a career and themselves.

‘The event will help young people gain confidence so they can be more involved in society. A lot of them aspire to be rappers and musicians simply because they think becoming a doctor is unachievable. I want to change that perception.’

Lindsay will film the Oprah Winfrey-style show in a theatre to bring the audience out of their comfort zones and introduce them to something new.

She says: ‘It’s OK to watch stuff on your laptop or via BBM and Whatsapp, but the experience is more fulfilling when you’re actually sitting in a theatre watching people tell their stories.’

Since June, interviews on Top Chat’s Youtube channel have attracted over 6,000 views and next month’s live event looks set to raise the brand’s profile higher.

Featured guests include entrepreneur Charles Gordon; America’s Next Top Model star Jasmia Robinson; performance artist Phoenix James; and reformed criminal Chris Syrus who runs a rehabilitation centre to reduce prisoner reoffending rates.

Lindsay believes the interviewees will engage young people with their first-hand accounts and insightful stories. She says: ‘You don’t just wake up one morning and become successful. Young people need to hear about the obstacles these people faced and the doors that were slammed in their faces. I think this will help teach young people about the realities of life.’

Top Chat Live takes place on 20 November at the Lost Theatre in London SW8 2JU. Buy tickets here

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