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Overground News Show: FeelingMandy.Fm 19/10/12

Catch the Overground News Show on FeelingMandy.fm very Friday 12-2pm (GMT), or listen back to last week’s programme above

Overground News Playlist 19 October

(01) Brandy – Slower
(02) Lloyd feat Movado – Lay It Down (Remix)
(03) Bridget Kelly – Special Delivery
(04) Blu Cantrell – SOS (Tell Me Where You At)
(05) Ashanti – Happy
(06) Ludacris – Rollout
(07) Aaliyah, Missy Elliott & Da Brat – Stickin Chickens
(08) R Kelly & Jay Z – Fiesta (Remix)
(09) Beenie Man & Lolita – Wine You Body
(10) Gappy Ranks – Wine Pon De Edge
(11) Mavado – Pepper
(12) Shaggy & Mavado – Girls Dem Love We
(13) Busta Rhymes – Dangerous
(14) Big Pun & Joe – Still Not A Player
(15) Heavy D – Big Daddy
(16) Brandy & MC Lite – I Wanna Be Down (Remix)
(17) GTsolo – Grime Party
(18) Pay As You Go – Fly Riddim
(19) Donaeo – Party Hard
(20) Donaeo – Devil In A Blue Dress
(21) Rihanna – Say It
(22) Jaheim – Could It Be
(23) Musiq feat Ayana – Girl Next Door
(24) Usher – Burn
(25) Brandy – Let Me Go
(26) Beyonce – Dance for You
(27) J Cole feat Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough
(28) Wale feat Rick Ross & Jeremiah – That Way
(29) S.K.T feat Daniel E Walker – De Ja Vu (Club Asylum Dub Vox Mix)

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