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Donae'o: I'm Retiring from Music

British underground music legend Donaeo has announced plans to retire from the scene after 10 years of making hits.

The talented singer and producer first broke onto the scene aged 17 in 2002 with the award-winning single My Philosophy (Bounce). He later became known for UK funky club bangers Devil In a Blue Dress, Party Hard and African Warrior.

But earlier this week during a 20-minute chat with fans on Twitter, Donaeo revealed that he’d ‘lost the passion for being an artist’, and was planning to quit music after releasing a final mix tape.

‘It doesn’t make sense to put out music if it’s not my best. I love my fans and mean no disrespect,’ he said.

After ‘chilling out for a bit’ Donaeo said he’ll consider working behind the scenes; writing and producing songs for others.

In 2009, Donaeo spoke to Overground about his career and the music industry (above). Did we miss the signs?

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