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Styleslut and New York Fashion Brand I Hate My Day Job Launch Jewellery Collection

A top London blog has joined forces with one of New York’s hottest clothing lines to produce a limited edition, unisex pendant.
Award-winning website Styleslut and streetwear brand IHMDJ! (I hate my day job) produced 100 gold and silver pieces, already sported by celebrities including M.I.A.
The pendants, engraved with the words ‘Because We’re All Fucked Up In Our Own Special Way’ on the back, went on sale this week.
Creators say the accessory was designed ‘as an artistic statement about honesty, embracing our imperfections, and celebrating them in our individuality’.
In 2006, the public voted Styleslut as one of the Top Five Blogs In Europe at the BT Online music awards.
IHMDJ has previously collaborated with hip-hop duo The Cool Kids, and Nike for the 25th Anniversary of The Air Force One.

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