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Want a Sexy Summer Body? Watch the Hodge Twins

It may not feel like it, but summer is only around the corner and many of us are preparing to unveil our toned bodies on holiday (or when the odd ray of sunshine finally hits the UK), writes Rena Dipti Annobil

For those breaking into a cold sweat with the realisation they’ll soon be baring some body parts, don’t worry – you still have a little time.

Furthermore, help is at hand in the form of self-made fitness ‘gurus’ the Hodge Twins, aka Twin Muscle Workout, who I recently discovered You Tube.

As someone who has always had to watch my weight, I’m always open to new ideas regarding the most effective ways to stay in shape.

These guys have a lot of good advice, and are hilarious to watch.

Apparently, they’re a bit of an internet sensation and have clocked up over 120,000 subscribers to their channel in just over a year.

They’ve even branched out into talking about news stories and relationship advice!

Most of their tips are aimed at male fitness fanatics who want to build muscle, but there are a few good videos about exercise and nutrition for women too (above).

Word of warning; don’t watch if you’re offended by bad language because there’s plenty of it.

My personal advice for getting in shape (which I managed to do after having two kids) is  to work out three times a week (cardio and resistance exercises with weights); eat small, healthy portions; and cut out carbs after 5pm. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and it works.

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