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Don't Get It Twisted, Afro Beats is Here to Stay

It’s amazing to see how a four-year-old conversation I had with friends and contacts in the afro beats industry about how the genre was about to blow up in the UK has actually transpired, writes Anansi.

This is evident in how much commercial airtime D’Banj’s Oliver Twist is currently receiving. I heard this track around eight months ago, and knew straight away it was going to be a hit.

In more recent conversations, I’m hearing questions such as, ‘is afro beats just another fad like jungle music’, and ‘is D’Banj a one hit wonder’? The answer to both is ‘no’!

In the first instance, afro beats has been around for many, many years… Secondly, with D’Banj being signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D record label I think that proves the scene’s at the beginning of its potential; afro beats is only now taking a forward step that is long overdue.

For those who don’t know, D’Banj has been around for over five years, which was when I became aware of him via his track Tongolo and first heard the term ‘kokolet’.

I think he’d do well to re-release some of his old tracks, such as Mr Endowed (featuring Snoop Dogg), Fall in Love and The Entertainer (so many to choose from)!

That said, I’m digging the latest Oliver Twist Remix featuring Estelle (above).

D’banj a one hit wonder? Nah. This is just the beginning for the Koko Master.

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