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Singers Need More Than a Voice to Be a Star

Saturday night television is now all about The Voice, well for me anyway! writes Rena Dipti Annobil.

The concept of a blind audition is genius. The four coaches only get to see the wannabe singer after deciding whether their voice is good. And this got me thinking; does it really matter what an artist looks like?

I’d like to think image doesn’t matter and it’s all about vocal talent. Two of my favourite artists are Jill Scott and Adele. Both of them are fuller- figured women and although I think they are beautiful, it’s not in an overly-sexual kind of way. And they are still hugely successful artists.

On the other hand you have the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicole Scherzinger. All three are talented and beautiful, but have perfectly toned bodies and are prone to writhing around scantily-clad in their music videos.

The same contrasts can be made with in male artists such as Cee Lo Green and Chris Brown. Need I say more?

What’s glaringly obvious is the way these artists are marketed. The fact that Adele is not a ‘video model-type’ artist means ‘ordinary’ women can relate to her.

Whereas in today’s society, Rihanna is seen as the complete package; men like looking at her, women aspire to look like her, and she can market a lot more than just her music. Let’s face it, sex sells.

Even in last Saturday’s episode of The Voice, all coaches were kicking themselves after failing to select a female opera singer who they later realised was a sexy young woman.

So does it really matter what an artist looks like? On the one hand it’s not just about the looks, but on the other it is more than just the music.

Image is important; it’s the reason why some artists, although financially successful, have never appeared in a music video. It’s the reason why Madonna and Lady Gaga are mediocre in the looks and vocal talent department but are massive stars.

As for The Voice, it will certainly be interesting to see what happens after the blind auditions phase!

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