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Whitney Houston Sparkles in New Film Trailer Release

The much-awaited trailer for Whitney Houston’s final film Sparkle was released this week.

Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 original, was premiered on NBC’s Today show then released on YouTube before being shared by fans across social networking sites.

In the film, Whitney plays the mother of three girls who form a singing group and struggle with fame and drug addiction.

Meanwhile, Whitney’s real-life daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has been cast in a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcom For Better or Worse.

Perry’s relationship with Whitney’s family became apparent shortly after her untimely death when he reportedly offered his private jet to transport the singer’s body to Newark, N.J.

And no doubt Bobbi will do well in the world of entertainment. As the video above shows, she was taught by the best…

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Smile, 31/07/2012 19:32

Whitney Houston, Brazil loves you. You inspire us. Anxiously await his reutrn to heaven, where is their habitat. You’re still the brightest star of all.

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