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One in Six Prefer to Stop Showering for a Year than Lose Internet Access

Britain is the most web-connected nation in the G20 and leads the way in e-commerce, according to a new study.

The Boston Consulting Group report, which claims to provide ‘the first and most comprehensive study of the global and local impact of the internet across the G20′, reveals that UK shoppers made twice as many online purchases compared with consumers in the US and the world’s most web-connected country, South Korea.

In 2010, the sector contributed £121bn to the UK economy – a figure set to increase by 86% over then next four years.

Small to medium-sized UK businesses who made use of the internet for marketing, sales and customer services grew three times faster than those who used the web rarely or not at all.

The report claims e-commerce is the UK’s fifth largest industry, ahead of healthcare, construction and education, and that around 17% of people surveyed would rather give up showering for a year than lose internet access.

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