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Why Thandie Newton's Right to Ditch Hair Relaxer for Her Kids

I was delighted to read that Thandie Newton has decided to wear her hair in its natural state to encourage her daughters to be proud of their heritage.

The British actress made the decision after watching Chris Rock’s documentary film, Good Hair (above).

Personally, it’s been four years since I stopped putting chemicals in my hair, and it’s never been healthier.

Before going natural, I had to be patient and grow out the relaxer in my hair by wearing plaits and twists for a year, but it was undoubtedly worth it.

Now, thanks to my hairdresser (award-winning stylist Lisa Louis), I wear my hair straight, curly, in plaits – whatever!

And I’ve come to learn the idea of having to use chemicals to straighten your hair is a myth; a dangerous one too.

The trick is to give your hair regular trims and moisturising treatments and, more importantly, invest in a little time-consuming upkeep.

Trust me, give it a try.

Akosua Annobil, Ed

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