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Rapper AC Tells True Mixed Race Relationship Story


In this day and age how much does race influence who we date, writes Rena Dipti Annobil.

In some instances it’s just a case of who we find attractive; and that may be those from the same race, but in some cases our chosen partner may be from another race and in some cases this can become a serious issue.

A controversial new track by Rapper AC revolves around the relationship between a black guy and an Asian girl. The tune, called True Story certainly tells it like it is, and at times makes shocking viewing.

True Story is a deep track that also raises the issues of skin colour prejudices within the Asian community; Asian attitudes towards black men; forced marriages, and marital rape.

Being a British Asian myself, from my experiences and the community in which I grew up in I’m well aware of the problems that interracial dating or marriage can bring.

Choosing to be with someone outside of your race or religion can often lead to being disowned by your family and being shunned by the community.

There also appears to be a kind of pecking order too, with many parents saying to their children something along the lines of: ‘If you can’t marry a nice Hindu boy then a Sikh boy will be ok, and if not then a white guy. But not a black guy and God forbid not a Muslim.’ Things do seem to be changing but very slowly…

In related news, Overground editor Akosua wrote about a similar issue for the Observer newspaper in 2008. Read the article here

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Indie, 6/02/2012 21:33

That video makes me so sad =[ Race shouldn’t matter in any way, as long as two people can make the relationship work and are happy together that’s all that should matter.
There’s beauty in every single race and we should embrace it all instead of keeping old prejudices.

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