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Exclusive: Celebrity BB Winner to Fight Actor Jason Barrett

Actor and mixed martial artist Jason ‘Badass’ Barrett has lured Celebrity  Big Brother winner Alex Reid out of ‘retirement’, and will go head to head with the UK’s most famous cage fighter this weekend at Troxy in east London.

After a longstanding feud, tomorrow (Saturday 6 August) Jason and Alex will battle for the Middleweight Super Title.

‘I was supposed to fight Alex a year ago, but he was ducking me,’ Jason told Overground. ’I'm always 100 percent confident; I’m well prepared and can’t wait to punch Alex’s face in!’

The south Londoner is best known for breaking box office records alongside Chucky Venn and Richard Blackwood in Angie Le Mar’s theatre and MTV production, The Brothers.

He explains: ‘I was actually fighting long before acting. I used to live in Thailand where I fought before coming back to the UK and becoming a cage fighter.’

‘My training partner, Dean Durant, and I have been practising a lot of Thai boxing, boxing and wrestling techniques.’

Meanwhile, ‘The Reidinator’ insists: ‘I will beat Jason down. This will be more than just a fight worth watching, I’m going to rip up that cage and feed it to him.’

Watch the videos below, and the match via pay-per-view on Sky Channel 480 on Saturday 6 August at 9pm. Fmi, click here

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