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Watch Cast of The Only Way Is Essex on Daybreak

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) stars Amy Childs, Joey Essex and Lauren Goodger appeared on ITV morning show Daybreak earlier this week to promote the reality show’s BAFTA nomination.

TOWIE will return to ITV2 later this year, after the cast film scenes in Marbella during the summer.

The 2011 Phillips British Academy Television Awards will be held at Grosvenor House in London on Sunday 22 May.

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Menna, 31/07/2012 15:48

Essex was/is the biggest load of tosh imnagiable, droll totally self centred narcissistical characters, dumbass women who love being walked over by supposed potential long term partners, (god forbid they`d ever marry) and so badly/woodenly acted.I`d like to think that Essex deserves way way better than this.Quite opposite to ad publicity being good publicity and thereby a must watch this really is baaaaaaaaaaad. period !!!Avoid it just like you`d put off a visit to the dentist who`s run out of aneasthetic, because it`s just as painful.Dull with the biggest D you`d evaaaah wanna foind innit !! mayt.

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