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Brian Belo Sues The Only Way Is Essex Producers

Big Brother winner Brian Belo is suing the makers of ITV show The Only Way Is Essex, claiming the popular reality series was his idea.

The 23-year-old says he spent two years working on ‘an Essex version of The Hills’ before pitching it to Lime Productions/Liam Pictures; then was dropped from the production after it was commissioned by ITV.

Last week, Brian uploaded the original pilot (below), to his blog and said: ‘I wrote the treatment, got the cast together and got a trailer made.

‘I pitched it to production companies. I’m very proud of its success. I want people to know where it came from.’

He’s said to be suing for £100,000 a series, however Lime claim they’re unaware of any legal action: ‘We have not received any formal complaint from Brian Belo.

‘The format and content of the programme was created and developed by a team at Liam Pictures.’

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nessie, 19/04/2011 15:11

I believe Brian. Good luck with the case!

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