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Nazi Event Attracts Huge Crowd in Somerset

Police in Somerset received dozens of complaints last week after 800 British, German and eastern European neo-nazis descended on a small town and began chanting racist songs and waving swastika flags.

On Saturday, residents of Redhill were shocked to discover a local fun-day, which had been billed as a ’scooter and music festival,’ was in fact a neo-nazi memorial event.

Record label ISD, who produced the event, claim to be the ‘oldest and most dependable White Nationalist Movement CD label.’

However, Somerset Council granted ISD a temporary licence to stage live music and sell alcohol at the event.

Although police made no arrest, local residents said more should have been done to stop festival.

Paul Gooding claims last weekend’s events left his two daughters petrified.

He said: ‘My first thoughts are that this shouldn’t have been happening anywhere, let alone on my doorstep.’

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