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Tesco Launch Hair and Beauty Salons

Can you see yourself booking a Tesco Value haircut? Or how about a Tesco Finest manicure?

Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco has launched a new health and beauty service.

Nail and threading bars are currently being trialled at stores in London (Wembley), Cambridge (Bar Hill), Milton Keynes (Kingston) and Manchester (Walkden).

Meanwhile, standalone hair and beauty salons were opened in Leicester and Chesterfield this week, offering haircuts from £12.50 and leg waxing from £10.

Andrew Carpenter, beauty category manager at Tesco, says: ‘We recognise the beauty market is a huge opportunity and we know there is a lot more we can be offering our customers.

‘We are currently only at the testing stage and keen to understand how our customers receive the service in these stores.’

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Helene Pickering, 10/02/2011 22:14

I think you will kill local hairdressing trade.

Tom Fallows, 14/02/2011 09:45

Absolutly brilliant idea, I would imagine all our family will be using our Tesco Salon and no doubt saving lot’s in our pockets and car parking charges.
10 out of 10 Tesco!!

Kerry Dennis, 17/02/2011 17:34

Called in at my Local Chesterfield store and treated all the family to cuts, spent a lot less than usual, kids and hubby had cuts while shopped,
It’s back in my diary for next month.
Great idea!!

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