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Calm Down! Tribal Skank the New Hype Dance

Tribal Skank is the latest new dance craze causing a storm among commercial radio DJs, Championship footballers and world music lovers across the country.

The catchy tune and dance routine is the latest skank to excite the streets since funky house favourite Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes hit the clubs last year.

According to top radio DJs, Tribal Skank, a collaboration between music duo Fr3e and 3 Mindz producer P2J, is tipped to be a summer hit.

BBC 1Xtra DJ Target said: ‘I think this track is set to do big things.  I played it on my radio show and once did a rewind, which I never do on 1Xtra.’

Choice FM’s Da Firin Squad added: ‘Since the guys put the dance up on YouTube, it’s gone over bonkers. We have seen it first hand in the clubs; everyone’s doing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and now they’re all doing the Tribal Skank dance.’

The new craze also appeared on Sky Sports show Soccer AM, after Barnet footballers Albert Adomah and Yala Bolasie celebrated a goal by performing the popular routine, also known as the Skank Clam Down Dance.

Fr3e, who’ve spent three years honing their sound, are currently performing live shows across the country.

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