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New Dance Moves Londoners from Head to Toe

The video for a catchy, funky house tune called Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes is causing a UK internet storm.

The track – inspired by the popular nursery rhyme – has created a new London dance craze, apparently more popular than the one developed by Jamaican legend Mr Bogle in the 1990s.

The video, produced by London-based music outfit KIA/Mile Recordings, has received almost 340,000 hits since it was posted on YouTube last month.

Community radio and club DJs across the country have been requesting the track, which looks set to become one of the biggest party tunes over the festive season.

One YouTube comment, posted by badmadabz123, said: ‘Dis video has blown up… Raving it out last night and this came on. I don’t condone it, but had to buss a likkle skank last night! Dun kno!’

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