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ITV Drama: Come Rain Come Shine

London-based actor Freddie Annobil stars alongside veteran TV star Sir David Jason in new ITV1 drama Come Rain Come Shine this Monday 20 December.

In the 120-minute film, Freddie plays Dwayne, the son in-law of cockney ex-docker Don (Jason) and his wife Dora Mitchell (Alison Steadman).

Watch it here until 19 January.

‘Dwayne was married to Don and Dora’s daughter Joanne, and they have two kids together,’ Freddie explains.

‘He’s trying to pull the family back together by being a good dad, supporting financially and proving to his father in-law that he’s not a waste of space.

‘Then something happens that changes the relationship between Don, Dwayne and Joanne.’

Come Rain Come Shine will be screened on ITV1 on Monday 20 December at 8.30pm.

The one-off production is Sir David’s first role for ITV since A Touch of Frost came to an end earlier this year.

Freddie says: ‘It was great working alongside Sir David Jason, he’s always trying to find the truth behind every scene and gives you the space to do the same so the outcome is dynamic.’

A student of Sylvia Young Theatre school, Freddie made his TV break in BBC2’s BAFTA-winning drama series Holding On in 1998.

Other major roles include appearances in ITV’s The Vice 2, Channel 4’s As If, and British movie Greenwich Meantime. Find out more about Freddie here

Watch a preview of Come Rain Come Shine here.

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