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Murder Cops Hunt Goldie's Son Jungle Producer Prepares For Reality TV Show

The son of music producer turned actor Goldie is on the run for murder, following a stabbing in Wolverhampton last month.

Police want to quiz Jamie Price, 22, in connection with the killing of 21 year-old Marlon Morris on 31 August.

Over the weekend Goldie, real name Clifford Price, told reporters he was devastated after hearing that his son was wanted.

The 42 year old ex-Eastenders star is presently learning to conduct an orchestra on BBC2 reality show Maestro and was preparing for the semi-final when he was first told of his son’s suspected involvement.

The father-of five told reporters: ‘I know the guy’s father. I’m devastated at the loss of someone else’s life at my son’s hands, if that’s the case.

‘[Jamie] needs to hand himself in. You can run from some things in life, but you cannot run from this. I felt betrayed and I felt that as a father I’d failed. Music’s my solace at the moment.’

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