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Leona Lewis Narrowly Escapes Nigeria Bombing

Bleeding Love singer Leona Lewis was forced to cancel a concert in Nigeria after bombs killed 12 people in the country’s capital, Abuja on Friday.

The bombs, which injured 17 bystanders and shook the X Factor star’s hotel, were timed to explode in the hours leading up to a parade celebrating 50 years of Nigerian independence.

The singer was forced to postpone her concert and has been stuck in her hotel for the past two days.

According to local newspapers, British intelligence had warned Nigerian authorities of possible attacks, which explains why Gordon Brown and the Duke of Gloucester - who were both scheduled to attend – cancelled their visits.

President Goodluck Jonathan said the attacks were committed by ‘…a small terrorist group that resides outside Nigeria that was paid by some people within to perpetrate the dastardly act.’

Watch the videos here and below for an in-depth analysis of Nigeria’s ongoing battle with militant rebels

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