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Made in Dagenham Exposes Our Spoilt Generation of Women

British movie Made in Dagenham is a stark reminder of how much women take for granted these days.

The film tells the true story of female workers at Ford’s Essex plant who went on strike in 1968 to win their battle against lower pay.

Actress Jamie Winstone says: ‘In summer the machinists’ shed was baking hot so they had to strip down to their undies to keep cool. In winter it was freezing and the roof leaked.

‘Today they’d have the health and safety people round in a jiff to close the place down, but not then. You just got on with it, as they were tough women with not a shred of self-pity.

Hitting the nail on the head, the 25-year-old adds: ‘We are a pretty spoilt generation, I think, who get it all far too easy.’

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