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Giggs: No One Listened Until Overground Told My Story

Two years after his beef with MTV Base and 1Xtra, UK hip hop star Giggs says he has no regrets about challenging executives at the music stations.

In 2008, Giggs released diss-video The Last Straw and recorded a no-holds barred interview with Overground accusing former MTV Base head Jasmine Dotiwala and 1Xtra producer Ray Paul of trying to sabotage his career.

Both broadcasters denied the allegations, but over the following 12 months, Ray Paul quit 1Xtra for Radio 1, and Jasmine left MTV for freelance work and launched her own entertainment website.

Meanwhile, Giggs has gone on to release his first major label album, Let Em Ave It, and perform at festivals such as Glastonbury, Big Chill and Bestival.

In August, the video for his latest single, Hustle On, generated a healthy internet buzz and this week Channel 4 aired a short documentary about Giggs’ story so far.

Unsurprisingly, the rapper says he has no regrets and is grateful to Overground for giving him the opportunity to speak out.

He said: ‘Overground Online is the realist magazine and media team I’ve worked with when it comes to press.

‘Before I released The Last Straw everyone was too scared to listen to anything I had to say. No one was listening before Overground told my story.

‘I don’t regret it at all because that’s the truth of what was going on, and I’m still here. Even if it turned out to be something I shouldn’t have done I would have learned something.’

Not a single music journalist or blogger investigated Giggs’ allegations. In fact, he was heavily criticised for calling out two of the industry’s most authoritative executives.

He remembers: ‘Overground were the only people who would speak to me about it and put it out there. That’s why it’s all love for them.’

And these days, Giggs admits: ‘Right now, things could be better and I could be getting more exposure, but we know why I’m not,’ he laughs.

‘I’m doing a lot of shows up and down the country to promote the album, and there’s mad love out there.’

Buy Let Em Ave It here

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Shaun-d-_-b@hotmail.co.uk, 25/02/2011 11:42

GIGGS!!! Man i might not be the biggest fan cuz obviously people are crazy about you uno what i mean but Man i know it’s abit late but man iv been watchin all vid’s supporting, hopin uno dat you can make it successful and dat but man Bare haps to hear the new’s man buuuut now dat you,ve made it well pretty much but man i wanna hear some of the new projects man make it big, songs have been big louw what people say and all that just man keep it up init! Much RAAAAAAAAASPECT!

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