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Pictures from Overground Live ft Musical Youth, The Thirst and Selah

A diverse crowd of music lovers turned out for Overground VIII, our first live event in three years. The night featured performances from reggae legends Musical Youth, electro-rock band The Thirst, female singing sensation Selah, and DJs Ruff n Tuff and Ziploc City.

Photography: Photo Traffic

Musical Youth

Dennis of Musical Youth

Michael of Musical Youth


Mark of The Thirst

Host Akosua

Mensah of The Thirst

Kwame of The Thirst

London’s finest, DJ Ruff n Tuff

Ziploc MC Big Mike, Selah and Team Overground

Overground crowd

Overground fan Victoria

Overground girls Yourlance, Cynthia and Sahprine

Ziploc’s Big Mike and digital whizzkid Theo

DJ Cyrus of Ziploc City


Selah with the Ziploc crew and the Overground girls

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