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Have You Heard About Higher Apprenticeships for Young People?

The government has rolled out millions in their budget to invest in apprenticeships and start up business loans for 16-24 year-olds, writes Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan

With the age to access job seekers allowance rising to 18 (alongside it being compulsory to continue further education if you’re out of work), this time of austerity and economic instability is particularly challenging for young people.

But Higher Apprenticeships can be part of their solution. If you have children or know youngsters who seem a little frustrated, it may be worth encouraging them to get training on the job. A financial incentive works wonders (at least for the next 12 months).

Let’s empower our young people to excel in their greatness, to be high achievers and to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Watch the video above, and see some  apprenticeship positions here

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