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How to Stop Being Broke and Achieve Your Goals

Mru Patel is a multi-millionaire business mogul who reflects on his life as a huge learning curve, writes Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan

Mru grew up in Kenya and developed a taste to travel the world and create businesses in several countries.

What attracted me to the work of this entrepreneur was the fact that he made and lost millions in the real estate business. But even on his down days he never gave up and always knew there was a greater calling on his life.

When Mru was hardest hit, he knew poverty was not his portion; he says: ‘Look forward and take inspired action.’

As a best-selling author, Mru has also climbed to the top of the Amazon lists (you can get one of his free e-books – here)

The bottom line: You can have a successful life and career, as long as you do not allow the likes of the recession to define you.

Check out Mru’s video, above, and be inspired.

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