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How Well Do You Know Your Hairdresser?

Is your hair at breaking point? Or are you fed up of never being treated as an individual every time you visit your hairdresser? The simple fact is that many salons treat every head of hair in the same way, writes Samantha Stewart.

But, for example, do they really believe there is only one type of relaxer or perm solution that exists on the market? I’ve been working alongside Richard Spencer at The Spencer Clinic for 15 years and have lost count of the many cases we receive each week concerning either severe hair breakage due to chemical over processing, or an obvious loss of hair due to a very common complaint called Tractional Alopecia

However, the main thing that most people complain about is the lack of information available to them. The black hair and beauty industry is vast, but there is no association or institute to recommend a reputable salon to those in desperate need.

By the time they find us, most of our clients are really at breaking point (in every sense). Upon their first visit, our aim is to re-educate them about their hair; advise them on the best and healthiest ways to style, relax and manage their hair according to each individual’s needs.

Each time we speak to our new clients (who have come to see us because of chemical breakage problems), the majority say they never had a consultation about their hair before a chemical procedure was carried out.

A consultation is of the utmost importance, so hair type and condition can be determined, as well as the chemical history of the hair. This information should then help the hairdresser choose the correct strength of chemical to be used.

Of course, there are some truly professional hair salons out there with some amazing and talented stylists, but you must do your research.

Some Pointers:

A clever way to determine a good salon from bad is: If your hair is very weak and easily breaking, ask the salon to perform a chemical procedure. If they say ‘sure, no problem’, WALK OUT! If they test your hair and refuse, then you know they can be trusted. Bad salons are often managed by inexperienced hairdressers to who do not understand the extent of the damage that can be caused by chemicals.

Of course, a small amount of damage can often occur when using chemicals and styling, but this should only be limited towards the ends of the hair. It is NOT ok to suffer and put up with severely damaged hair due to professional incompetence. Why should it be acceptable to suffer with scalp burn or hair breakage? It’s not.

Don’t be afraid to ask how long a process will take. If you’re worried or concerned, call the stylist over – don’t just sit there!

Our hair is something we often take for granted until things go wrong. Therefore, in future, be kind to yourself when choosing a salon. They may end up doing something you might have to live with for a long time.

This article was co-written by Samantha Stewart and Richard Spencer, both consultant Trichologists at The Spencer Clinic Ltd

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