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If You're Trying to Get Over Breakup - Try This

Breaking up is hard to do and can often leave you with a gaping internal void, writes Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan

The end of a relationship can signify an emotional time in your life, which is partly why I wrote You Were Supposed To Love Me – a transitional book for those experiencing the final curtain call on their relationship.

I was tired of seeing my friends feeling broken and demoralised after their relationship ended:

‘I planted flowers of optimism in our garden and you trampled on hope, faith and charity. I hug myself at night to prevent a nervous breakdown, rocking back and forth in the bed. Conversations of, “yeah we are getting married” immediately fade and the grasshoppers look on and laugh at me.’ Excerpt from You Were Supposed To Love Me

If you’re currently trying to get over an ex, here are three suggestions to help you get over your heartbreak:

1 Do not listen to sad, depressing music as it only exasperates the situation and prolongs the healing.

2 Accept responsibility for the role you played in the relationship. Look at your part in it and where you could have improved.

3 Feel your feelings. The best way to move on is to mourn your relationships and feel your feelings. Crying releases endorphins which make us ultimately feel better.

To order your copy of You Were Supposed To Love Me, click here

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