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21 Beauty Tips for Women on a Budget

If you’re a lady who likes to look after herself but haven’t got the cash to splash, then a new e-book written by actress Anjela Lauren Smith should be right up your street.

‘I’m no supermodel, but in the last few months I’ve received a lot of compliments regarding my skin, and most people are shocked when I tell them my actual age,’ says Anjela. ‘I’ve felt good about this, as I’ve just celebrated a big birthday and have no qualms in saying that I want to stay looking youthful.’

She adds: ‘There is no conceit, but as a woman on a tight budget like many parents, I have had to develop ways of staying looking good without it costing a fortune.

This is a light-hearted read of 21 beauty tips and tricks that work for me, and are either under £5.00 or free. And you can do in the comfort of your home.’

Buy Take Care of Me! 21 Under £5/Free Beauty Tips (For Women on A Budget), here

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