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Five Steps to Getting the Job You Want

The government has several schemes in place to get Britain working. You can take a training course, start up your own business or volunteer to gain work experience. But do these schemes actually work? Writes Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan

It really depends on how determine the individual is. When you are signing on at Job Centre Plus, getting £71 per week to live off can be a demoralising feeling.  So here are five top tips to help you secure employment:

1 Rework your Curriculum Vitiate (CV): It is vital to make sure that you sell yourself in your CV as it will be the first impression your prospective employer will view. You can use the F7 button on your laptop/pc to check for grammar and spelling.

2 Up skill in your chosen field: You have to be better than the interviewee who sits next to you. Spend your unemployed time wisely and learn a new skill to improve your chances of being hired.

3 Have a positive mental attitude:  Every failure and rejection letter gets you closer to finding employment.

4 Volunteer your time. When I was made redundant I wanted to move into education but did not have a lot of skills in that area. I took a placement at a youth centre and became a mentor for a whole year. As a result I landed my dream job in theatre and have never looked back since.

5 Most importantly, finding a job is a full time job. You have to be sending out three to four applications per week. Make sure you are committed and dedicated to get back into work.

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