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Why are Women Obsessed with High Heel Shoes?

I recall the pain and discomfort felt when I first started wearing high heels, especially when having worn them for long spells, writes Nadine White.

Despite the utter femininity, which often exudes with every sexy click of the shoe, we’ve all witnessed some poor sod dramatically fall into a gutter (above); down a flight of stairs (I’m guilty of that one); or awkwardly try and keep her balance on the dance floor.

So what is the obsession with heels?

Well, according to science, women who wear high heels are viewed as more attractive by men. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth argued that ‘high heels may exaggerate the sex-specific aspects of the female walk which could cause sexual arousal in males’.

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who’s responsible for the high heels of many a celebrity such as Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, has described them as ‘man-bait’, going on to say ‘men like high heels, and women like being liked by men’. He earns £160 million a year off of the sales of these provocative pumps!

Grammy award-winning ‘Queen of Dancehall’ Lady Saw recently had an international hit with her song, Heels On (above), in which she seductively purrs: ‘Let me love you with my heels on… Let’s make love to a slow song.’

Widely hailed as an anthem for female empowerment, this lends weight to another reason why saucy stilettos are adored by legions of women (and men for that matter) – its association with prowess and control.

However, Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker hit headlines earlier this year, when she sensationally declared that her long-term donning of high heels ended up ruining her feet.

To back this up, other research has found that incessant wearing of heels can cause damage to the feet and some health experts have argued that it can even damage fertility.

Although they have proved completely safe for women to wear in moderation, I do draw the line at retail stores making heels available for toddlers. It is a premature concept – pun intended- and very much a woman thing.

But it seems America don’t agree; sales of infant heels are up by 9 per cent..!

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