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Campaigners Blast Drug Dealers' Board Game

Campaigners Blast Drug Dealers' Board Game
Campaigners Blast Drug Dealers' Board Game

Anti-drug campaigners have slammed a new board game, which encourages players to mimic the life of a drug dealer.


In the game, called Chaps from Amsterdam, players become pushers who compete to buy and sell as much SPACE (speed, puff, acid cocaine and ecstasy) as possible without getting caught by informers or cops.


Instead of Monopoly's Chance cards, the game uses Police cards to change the fortunes of players.


One reads: 'Your bent copper loses the evidence; pay protection 150,000', while another says: 'Your courier is busted for ecstasy; lose all your Es'.


Last week, director of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, Peter Stoker said the game, which retails online for 39.99, was 'damaging' and urged people not to buy it.


He said: 'This so-called "game" is a deeply cynical attempt to make money from a dirty business.


'They cite the usual get-out clauses about this game just being for "educational, recreational and historical purposes" and they claim "no intention to incite the use of controlled or illegal substances".


'In fact it's self-evident that it's for money-making purposes, and, if it incites drug use, who are they to care? It's the rest of us who will have to deal with the damage they cause.'